FCT Speedia HD

FCT Speedia HD


Extends the potential of your service, without redundancy

In the modern healthcare environment the demand towards CT goes beyond simple high throughput and accurate diagnosis. Efficient operator workflow, improved patient experience and easy installation into existing facilities are also main considerations. The Speedia HD offers high level solutions without compromise.

High diagnostic image in a single breath hold

  • Smart Dose Management using the Latest Technology
  • Supporting an Efficient Workflow and use of Existing Facilities


High diagnostic image in a single breath hold

MPR as a routine examination with high speed sub-millimeter scanning

Speedia HD enables high-speed whole-body scanning with sub-millimeter slices, which is difficult to achieve on 16 slice CT systems. A single breath hold (approx 14sec.), can produce high-resolution images in the range of 1100mm or more. Thereby allowing wide range, high resolution MPR images to be acquired as routine.

Chest scan at 4.5sec. Thoraco-abdominal scan at 7.5sec. High Speed Scanning with greater care for the Patient

Speedia HD with its 40mm width detector and unique 3D reconstruction algorithm-CORE method, achieves the high-speed scan even when using a pitch of 1.58. Therefore, it enables a chest area of 320mm to be scanned in only 4.5sec and a thoraco-abdominal area of 570mm in just 7.5sec. This reduces the burden on the patients who have difficultly maintaining a still position or holding a breath for a long-time.


CORE satisfies both of High-Speed Scan and High Image Quality

CORE (Cone-beam Reconstruction) method which is a unique 3D reconstruction algorithm optimizes the range of acquisition data to be reconstructed. By utilizing the data across the whole detector effectively, a high quality image with less artifact can be obtained even with a high-pitch scan.


Automatic 3D mA modulation for dose optimization

The tube current is optimized in a 3D direction (X-Y-Z) based on information on the size of the patient obtained from the scanogram and preset target SD. This allows the production of images at a constant noise level, over the entire scan region optimizing the balance between image quality and exposure.


Intelli IP

Iterative processing for noise reduction

Advanced noise reduction processing employing iterative reconstruction technology reduces image noise and artifacts while maintaining a high quality image at lower doses. 7 levels of dose reduction can be selected to optimize dose and image quality per examination.


500mm Full FOV Data Acquisition

Reducing the need for re-scan

The Speedia HD acquires and retains full FOV data (500mm) for every scan. Therefore in cases where the patient body area is outside of the FOV set before the scan, the lost portion can be recovered not by re-scan but by re-calculation (if the portion is within the maximum FOV).


Motion Correction

Dedicated processing makes it possible to reduce the motion artifact for the patient who has difficulty in remaining still during the scan, reducing the need for re-scan.


Dose Information

Display and distribution

Managing the patients dose information and its transfer to the connected PACS system efficiently has become of high importance. Simple Dose Report can save the data as secondary capture and send to PACS. DICOM Dose SR sends the dose information to PACS as a structured report.


Supporting an Efficient Workflow and use of Existing Facilities


Open & Compact

A class leading bore size to reduce patient anxiety, while maintaining a compact foot print to improve installation into existing rooms.



24-inch wide monitor clearly displays all the information in one view. Controller is attached to the keyboard. More compact operating environment than a 2 monitor console.

An operator-friendly GUI delivers the latest design CT system. Intuitive and easier operation with Quick-Entry mode enables simple operation for all users with fewer buttons and larger icons.

Simple Siting

By utilizing only 3 main system modules*; gantry, patient table, and operation console. The Speedia HD achieves an impressive compact footprint.